Pre wedding shoots are really important now a days, because on your wedding day or on the functions before. Bride and groom are always super busy with the functions or guests. So they are not able to give good enough time for their photos or videos. So our try is always to give them something creative, which is always time consuming process, for their pre wedding memories.

Pre wedding shoots in creative ways. This is what you need now.

I see so many poorly shot pre wedding photos and videos by lot of “Wedding photographers” in Ahmedabad. My question to those guys is, would you like to see such poorly shot pre wedding photos and videos as your memory. I am sure answer is “NO”. Then why do you do that to your clients? Any ways my point to write this blog today is this only. This is for all the couples who’s getting married or all the photographer who is gonna shoot their pre weddings. Try to be creative with your ideas. Show people something new something they have never seen before in pre weddings.

If you see our following two videos you will know what we are talking about. Both of the videos are on real life love stories of these couples. One video is on funnier side, still sticking to their exact real life story and incidents. Where as other is on more like romantic and drama side, script of that video narrates again the real life incidents only. So our main point here is, try to understand your clients/couple better. And create something that is mind blowing but with the touch of their real life. Do not shoot those pre weddings, where the groom is trying to act like a Bollywood hero, or the bride is trying to fake the smile as some actress.


Aakash & Stuti, you guys rock as always…….


Kunnal & Ayushi, your ideas and your story is something outstanding. And you guys are super awesome.



How we process our pre wedding inquiries.

Question them.

The moment we get a call from our clients regarding shooting their pre weeding. We hand over some questions in a list to them, as those questions helps us understand their requirements better. Although we have fix packages for the pre wedding shoot but sometimes the requirements are much more then listed in our packages. So our first goal is to understand their requirements for their pre wedding shoots.


Suggest them.

Once the requirements from client’s end is clear. We start working out from our side. Most of the time a couple will require our suggestions on following points.

Location : Being Ahmedabad based photographers, this is the biggest challenge to us. Ahmedabad city is really amazing place, but when it comes to shoot some creative pictures, we prefer not to shoot here in the city. Specially with the clients who is from Ahmedabad only. As for those couples it is a regular day to day frame. So when it comes to finalise the location, we first ask the client if they have good budget then we can travel to some destination, and do a good pre wedding shoot over there. But finally it is our client who decides, as we have to respect their budget for the pre wedding shoots.

Garments : This is the most confusing point for all the couples, so as a good pre wedding photographer, it is your job to help them out. As being a visual artist you only knows, and you only can visualise what garment will look in which frame.

Theme : All the pre weddings we have shot, we have made sure about one thing. That is the theme of the entire shoot. Your theme should match your client’s personality, for a young party loving couple we will prefer shooting in Goa with some amazing vibrant colour theme. For a sober couple with lot of richness in their attitude our suggestion would be royal theme in Rajasthan.

Music : Music in the pre wedding video is a key to make them look best. Music has to be something that matches the theme, it should also match the couple’s taste. So do ask your couple for their favourite music, before starting the editing for their video.

Scripting : And the main part for any cinematic pre wedding video is the script. Your cinematographers, your editing team, your creative team should sit together with your clients, as we do all the time. And finalise the script that explains their story to the audience in the best possible way.


We are the best pre wedding photographers from Ahmedabad, India. Well this is what our clients says about us.